The big headline from Tuesday’s primaries is that Trumpism did better than Trump. From The Atlantic: “Last night’s primary in Georgia was a big, fat disappointment for former President Donald Trump: Governor Brian Kemp beat his Trump-endorsed opponent. And in a much more surprising turn of events, Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia secretary of state who refused to play along with Trump’s election-fraud fantasy, won his race too.” But… US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene won her GOP primary in Georgia. Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders won the GOP Arkansas governor primary that basically assures her of winning that position (oh admit it, you missed the lies). And Herschel Walker is one step closer to being the least qualified senator in modern history. He makes Tommy Tuberville look like Harry Reid. Walker is less prepared to be a senator than defenses were to face him during his playing days. Since it’s sports related, let’s give ESPN the link. “Walker’s electability was questioned due to business dealings and his history of violence against women. Walker has been open about his long struggle with mental illness and acknowledged violent urges. He won the primary despite skipping debates with his Republican opponents and making multiple gaffes on the campaign trail.”

+ Here’s some interesting polling: For The First Time In Years, Democrats Are More Concerned About Abortion Than Republicans Are. (That explains a lot about the present. Will it have an impact on the future?)