What to Comedy: This week I’m sharing two standup routines. The first is an HBO Max show called Trash White from Moses Storm. The show is less standup and more one-person show, and features some absolutely amazing (and informative) childhood stories with video proof. The second is laugh out loud routine from Ronny Chieng on Netflix: Asian Comedian Destroys America.

+ What to Hear: Mitski’s much-anticipated new album is out. You can start with the song Heartbreaker, which can be found in this article: Mitski, the US’s best young songwriter: ‘I’m a black hole where people dump their feelings.’ What a coincidence. I’m America’s best newsletter writer where humanity dumps its bad news.

+ What to NextDraft: A few popular outtakes from this week’s NextDraft: Whoopi Doo, my take on the silly Whoopi Goldberg suspension. In Pod We Trust, on the important part of the Joe Rogan controversy. And, while we’re focused on Jeff Zucker being squeezed out at CNN, we should probably focus on how Zucker and others squeezed all the news out of the place. CNN, News Panels, and the Auto-Fellatioization of Cable News.