Things in the NFL seem to come in threes. Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. Punt, Pass, and Kick. And in the case of Jon Gruden’s rapid exit from the Raiders, Racism, Homophobia, and Misogyny (one assumes he was saving antisemitism for overtime). His comments were uncovered in emails collected during “a workplace misconduct investigation into the Washington Football Team but ended up costing Gruden his job when they also showed Gruden denounced the drafting of a gay player and the tolerance of players protesting during the playing of the national anthem among other issues.” One of the ironies of the firing is though the Raiders have a badboy image, they’re actually one of the most forward-thinking teams when it comes to the very issues Gruden’s emails touched upon. Legendary owner Al Davis was known for his phrase, “Just Win, Baby.” But he once refused to play in Mobile, Alabama because of segregation laws. He also hired the first Black head coach (Art Shell), and the NFL’s first female chief executive (Amy Trask). “He set a foundation so strong that Carl Nassib became the first openly gay player in the NFL, and it was fitting he played for the Raiders.” The Raiders were always the team of outcasts. And Gruden, as it turns out, was miscast.