“If someone had wanted to invent a surreal provocation designed to unnerve Americans in the summer of 2020, it’s difficult to conceive of a better one than a deluge of unsolicited Chinese seeds. For one thing, in those first months of the coronavirus pandemic, references to China triggered associations—rational or otherwise—with contagion. For another, these objects were invading private spaces at a time when most of us were newly hypersensitive to our surroundings.” In The Atlantic, Chris Heath digs deep and unearths all the dirt about one of the pandemic-era’s weirdest mysteries. The Truth Behind the Amazon Mystery Seeds. Who was spreading their seed, and why did so many Americans receive strange packages they didn’t think they’d ordered? The plot really thickened when it looked like nobody had botany seeds lately. OK, these puns may not be your thing. I’ll cede that point. But check out the article. I know what makes your garden grow.