“Elvis has left the building.” Public address announcers used to repeat that phrase at concerts to get attendees to disperse. When Donald left the building, no such announcement was needed. The greatest news draw in modern history moved out of the White House and he took his hunka hunka burning ratings with him. Much to the chagrin of media outlets, news consumers threw the bathwater out with the baby. After four years of having the news always on our mind, media stars are feeling all shook up as their ratings are singing the steamroller blues. We can’t truly understand the Trump era without understanding how good it was for the bottom lines of big news orgs, and how many media stars emerged over the past few years. Among those that will be feeling lonely tonight are partisan and opinion news outlets that have suffered the biggest hits (yes, even suspicious minds need a break from the obsession). But mainstream news readership is also way down. “Publishers including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Reuters dropped 18%.” Axios: Boring news cycle deals blow to partisan media. Now all I’m left with is memories, pressed between the pages of my mind. (And I’m hoping that, at some point, they come up with an mRNA drug to remove those.) Whatever you do, please don’t yell Encore!