At long last, you can perform the Downward-Facing Dog pose in Alabama. But don’t get caught doing the Adho Mukha Śvānāsana or you could get busted. Yes, those are different names for the same pose that stretches your hamstring and calf muscles. But Alabama was only willing to bend, not break, when it comes to loosening up the state’s ban on yoga. “The new law allows yoga to be offered as an elective for grades K-12. While it erases a ban that, over the years, some schools had not realized existed, it also imposes restrictions on how yoga should be taught. Students won’t be allowed to say, “Namaste,” for instance. Meditation is not allowed. ‘Chanting, mantras, mudras, use of mandalas, induction of hypnotic states, guided imagery, and namaste greetings shall be expressly prohibited,’ the bill states. It also requires English names be used for all poses and exercises.” NPR: Alabama Will Now Allow Yoga In Its Public Schools But Students Can’t Say ‘Namaste‘. (I guess dabbling in Alabama Sutra is out of the question…)

+ Pre-roll Tide! Alabama becomes latest state to legalize medical marijuana. (Just don’t call it Ganja.)