The House Managers are presenting the most damning and obvious case in the history of damning and obvious cases. Failing to convict would be a disgrace of historic proportions. And we should prepare for that result. Trump’s enablers have developed herd immunity to the truth. They appear unswayed. “While Josh Hawley didn’t seem to be paying attention to the floor proceedings, he did note that his view from the gallery afforded him the opportunity to watch senator reactions from above. ‘It’s interesting to sort of see people taking notes or not’ Hawley said. To Hawley’s point, a number of Democrats spent Wednesday taking notes and paying close attention to the presentation, while most Republicans seemed uninterested and unengaged, sitting back in their seats or reading unrelated documents.” (The fact that Josh Hawley has a vote in this trial gives new, and more literal, meaning to getting a jury of one’s peers.)

+ David Frum in The Atlantic: “The remorseless, crushing power of the House managers’ evidence, all backed by horrifying real-time audio and video recordings, shuttered any good-faith defense of Trump on the merits of the case. The constitutional defense—that it’s impossible to convict a president if he leaves office between his impeachment and his trial—was rejected by 56 senators yesterday, not least because it defies a quarter millennium of federal and state precedents. There is no defense. There is only complicity, whether motivated by weakness and fear or by shared guilt.”

+ EJ Dionne in WaPo: The impeachment managers have sealed off Republicans’ escape hatches.

+ Five people associated with Proud Boys arrested for Capitol riot on conspiracy charges. “Stand back and stand by.”

+ Here’s the latest from CNN and The Guardian.