This is not just about Trump. Not today. And not for the last four years. He clearly suffers from severe sociopathic narcissism and his behavior since the election could have been accurately predicted by any decent psychoanalyst. Why would a guy who doesn’t care about hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths care about a little broken glass at the Capitol? His craven enablers have no excuse. It’s all been a political calculation that ended up with the same answer, time after time: Party and Power over Country. The Senators who forced today’s reprehensible attempt to overthrow election results should forever be shunned for their choice. Tom Friedman in the NYT: Never Forget the Names of These Republicans Attempting a Coup. “The governing ‘philosophy’of these unprincipled Trump-cult Republicans is unmistakably clear: ‘Democracy is fine for us as long as it is a mechanism for us to be in control. If we can’t hold power, then to hell with rules and to hell with the system. Power doesn’t flow from the will of the people — it flows from our will and our leader’s will.'”

+ Here are the (at least) 60 Republicans trying to overturn a free and fair election.