It’s three weeks after election day and Joe Biden has won the presidency once again. After endless lawsuits, conspiracy theories, and overt attempts to overturn the election, President Trump finally relented (a little), and Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration, said in a letter to President-elect Joe Biden that her office is ready to begin the formal presidential transition. Was it the remarkably embarrassing court appearances? The sludge leaking from Rudy Giulianis temples? Or, more likely, the corporate chorus of CEOs who had seen enough and even discussed withholding campaign donations from the two Republican Senate candidates in Georgia (which is the political version of threatening to cut off a child’s allowance)? Whatever it was, the letter (which read like it was a response to a cross examination) was sent and the transition has officially started. Here’s what that means. (If nothing else, these past four years have given us all a very uncivilized civics lesson. Who knew we were gonna get a three week lesson on the machinery and machinations of the GSA?)

+ While the move by the GSA means the transition is underway, some things will not change. The president will continue to spend his days watching cable news and Tweeting falsehoods that make it seem like he can still win what he has called a rigged election. NYT Upshot: “In the three weeks since Election Day, President Trump’s most visible presence has been on Twitter. Since Nov. 3, he has posted some 550 tweets — about three-quarters of which attempted to undermine the integrity of the 2020 election results.”