Bottom of the News

“Chinese police have arrested a man after he scattered a ‘heavenly rain of banknotes’ on commuters from his apartment window while allegedly high on methamphetamine. Police said the 29-year-old was ‘in a trance’ after taking drugs at his home on the 30th floor of a building in Chongqing, in south-western China, when he began throwing cash out of the window to the streets below.” That’s what I call a stimulus package.

+ “The lawsuit filed in Lynchburg Circuit Court on Wednesday includes claims of defamation and breach of contract. It alleges that Liberty officials accepted what Falwell says are false claims about his involvement in an extramarital affair between his wife and a business partner of the couple’s and ‘moved quickly’ to destroy his reputation.” Falwell sues Liberty, saying school damaged his reputation. (Unlike Falwell, for me, this is just too salacious to watch…)

+ This is the Covey Spreader. Nasty.

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