“Jornet is to endurance sports what Usain Bolt was to the 100m and Eliud Kipchoge is to the road marathon – an outlier and a record breaker. Most of his achievements seem basically inhuman. He has won every significant race on the mountain-running circuit, some of which are 100 miles long. He has broken nearly every mountaineering record in the world. He is the fastest man to have run up and down various big peaks, including Mont Blanc (normal time: two days; Jornet time: four hours, 57 minutes). In 2018, he scrambled to the top of Everest without supplementary oxygen but with a nasty bout of diarrhea … Three days later he tried again. What took him 26 hours first time around took him 17 hours on the second attempt.” One step beyond: the ascent of mountain runner Kílian Jornet.

+ Check out this documentary on Kilian Jornet’s Path to Everest. It will give you the exact opposite feeling from reading 2020 news. Trust me.