“Overall, the scientists conveyed a pervasive sense of sadness and exhaustion. Where once there was defiance, and then a growing sense of dread, now there seems to be sorrow and frustration, a feeling that so many funerals never had to happen and that nothing is going well. The United States is a wounded giant, while much of Europe, which was hit first, is recovering and reopening — although not to us.” The NYT’s Donald G. McNeil Jr. has been one of the most accurate and prescient journalists covering the pandemic. Here’s his latest: A Viral Epidemic Splintering Into Deadly Pieces. (The other thing splintering is the wall these experts have been banging their heads against for months.)

+ “We are not isolated; we are interconnected. The virus exploits that very interconnectedness of our society.” Vox: San Francisco’s lonely war against Covid-19.