“He thinks back to earlier that summer, to how he’d joined a younger friend’s AAU team, the Elite Ballers, and pretended to be 17, not an unusual move at these little tournaments. And how he’d absolutely dominated. The coach, unknowing, had told him he’d be a D-I prospect if he were more team-minded. Sitting here alone, he decides that if he’s going to become somebody, he’ll have to start by becoming somebody else.” Sports Illustrated’s Max Marshall on the 25-year-old who posed as a teenager and became a high school hoops star. Sidney Wants to Be Someone Else. (I’m not judging. It took me decades to become the best blogger at my high school…)

+ WaPo Magazine on a 42 year-old boxer who has won 11 championships, and is still fighting: Tori Nelson Stays in the Ring. “Outside the ring, Nelson is, in the words of her friend and fellow boxer Tyrieshia Douglas, ‘a nice churchy lady.’ She spends half an hour each day reading and discussing Bible verses with her longtime boyfriend. She’s a hugger, a baby nuzzler, a bestower of silly nicknames. Then she enters the ring and something terrifying emerges, something that won’t let her stop punching until she has annihilated the person in the opposite corner.” (This actually sounds a little like you in real life vs you on Twitter…)