“The chips are designed to speed up users’ daily routines and make their lives more convenient — accessing their homes, offices and gyms is as easy as swiping their hands against digital readers. They also can be used to store emergency contact details, social media profiles or e-tickets for events and rail journeys within Sweden.” NPR: Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin. (And I thought it was weird when I turned my belt buckle into a WiFi hotspot…)

+ Bloomberg: Biohackers Are Implanting Everything From Magnets to Sex Toys. “A Spanish dancer named Moon Ribas has a chip in her arm connected to seismic sensors, which is triggered when there are tremors anywhere on the planet.” (Now that sounds dangerous and unnecessary). “Neil Harbisson, a colorblind artist from Northern Ireland, has an antennalike sensor in his head that lets him ‘hear’ colors.” (It’s nuts that someone would risk their life for that.) “And Rich Lee, from St. George, Utah, has spent about $15,000 developing a cyborg sex toy he calls the Lovetron 9000, a vibrating device to be implanted in the pelvis.” (Hmm, tell me more…)