From Slate: Marriage Proposal Goes Awry After Hiking Couple Gets Lost. “Joshua Mason, 27, and his girlfriend, Katie Davis, 28, had set out on an eight-mile hike from the Fourth of July Trailhead to the nearly 13,000-foot summit on Jasper Peak. When the two came upon an isolated, scenic spot along the trail, Mason surprised Davis by popping the question. Davis accepted the proposal, and the happy couple continued their trek to the peak. However, Davis and Mason had gotten a late start for a hike of this length, embarking at around noon. There are also no clear trails to Jasper Peak, and as darkness fell, the hikers lost their bearings. They had neglected to bring enough water, clothes for the cooler temperatures, or overnight camping supplies. They followed the ridge line until around midnight, when they came to a cliff and could go no further. With few other options, the two began to scream for help.” (I’m pretty sure there’s a metaphor buried somewhere in this story…)

+ While everyone was focused on Kanye’s MAGA hat, SNL got off to a very strong start to their season. Highlights included the Kavanaugh Hearing Cold Open, Adam Driver visiting a school on career day, the return of RBG, Pete Davidson talking about one thing everyone else was talking about over the summer, and basically everything about the Weekend Update overview of the Kavanaugh hearings, especially this line from Colin Jost: “If you took a shot for every time Brett Kavanaugh lied about his yearbook, you’d be as drunk as Brett Kavanaugh was in the summer of 1982.”

+ In Youth Football News, take a look at this move.