Weekend Whats

What to Watch: He’s a low-budget hitman. He wants to be an actor. I’ve just described a show synopsis that could easily go off the rails. But Bill Hader and company pull it off. Definitely try out Barry on HBO.

+ What to Doc: You may think you don’t need to watch another documentary about MLK. But King in the Wilderness on HBO, which chronicles his last years, shows the challenges faced by a conflicted leader who faced an onslaught of criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. And the stories are told by his friends and colleagues. Excellent.

+ What to Hear: Brandi Carlile’s latest album is great, especially the first single, The Joke. Incredible voice. Do yourself a favor and give Brandi a listen. (She’s also a master of covers, and you can find plenty of good ones on YouTube.)

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