Bottom of the News

You know where you can stick it. If not, you better decide now. As I mentioned on Friday, I made some NextDraft stickers and I want you to have one for free (I’ll even spring for the stamp!). Just give me your address and I’ll take care of the rest. We’ve got to stick together! I’ll keep the address book open until we hit 3,000 stickers.

+ Ivana Trump joked that since she was Trump’s first wife, she’s really the First Lady. Team Melania was not amused.

+ One company churns out a third of the butter consumed in America. (How is there not a Nobel Prize for that?)

+ Dove apologizes for an ad showing a black woman basically washing herself into white one.

+ Tom Petty before his last song of his last concert: “I wanna thank you for forty years of a really great time.”

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