Bottom of the News

“Jonathan Scheiman, a microbiologist at Harvard Medical School, has been studying the bacteria in the digestive tracts of elite long-distance runners and rowers. He thinks that if he can identify micro-organisms that help elite athletes reach the finish line faster, their powers could one day be harnessed into a probiotic pill.” From Quartz: Scientists are collecting poop from elite athletes to try to put their endurance into a pill. (If you’re more interested in become an elite news curator, please send me a self-addressed stamped envelope.)

+ Bloomberg gathers up what we know so far about what will be new in the iPhone 8.

+ “Authorities in Mumbai have shut down a manufacturing company after it was accused of dumping untreated industrial waste and dyes into a local river that resulted in 11 dogs turning blue.”

+ Reminder: I’ll be off the next couple days. Back at you Monday.

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