After twenty-four hours of nonstop criticism (and memes), Pepsi has pulled its Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad saying that they “missed the mark.”(To me, the bigger controversy about that ad is that no one who drinks Pepsi could possibly be that thin). Where I live in Northern California, the cop would have turned down the Pepsi and asked Kendall Jenner if she had any Kombucha.

+ When my wife Gina Pell wrote about the idea of Perennials, the article went wildly viral and got translated into several different languages. This week, she talked to CNN’s Laurie Segall about the movement: Forget Millennials! Perennial is the new ageless label.

+ Hey, NextDraft got nominated for a Webby for best newsletter, and there’s a people’s choice category as well. So, what do you say we completely bury the competition?