In the wake of Donald Trump’s public spat with the parents of a soldier killed in Iraq, President Obama described the GOP nominee “unfit to serve as president,” and called on Republicans to do more than just object to Trump’s comments: “There has to come a point at which you say enough.” If you missed it, I made a similar argument in a post titled No.

+ Politically, one of the big issues here is how military families react to the public exchange between the Khans and Trump. They represent a massive voting block; one that Trump needs.

+ No one can argue Trump is your typical politician. They usually kiss babies. Trump kicked a crying one out of his rally. If this were fiction, it would be the most enjoyable story ever.

+ “Here’s the thing: If he wanted to, President Obama could deny either or both of them the now-traditional briefings. The process doesn’t work the way you might think.” From Philip Bump: Clinton and Trump will soon receive classified briefings. Here’s how that works.