“Like many other singers and crew staging the 17-hour, four-opera Wagner extravaganza at the Kennedy Center, Ms. Bishop got her first taste of opera from a cartoon rabbit and his speech-impaired nemesis.” Michael Phillips on How Bugs Bunny and Kill the Wabbit Inspired a Generation of Opera Stars.

+ “It is still so hard to believe that at my age, my birth mother is still alive. I get chills and goose bumps all at the same time when I think of this.” Vikki Ortiz Healy with the story of a daughter who finally met her birth mother, who, by then, was 99 years old.

+ The Verge: Dr. Snapchat: one dentist’s journey toward social media stardom. (If I ever have the misfortune of a dental appointment with someone known as Dr. Snapchat, I can tell you one thing: I’m skipping the Nitrous Oxide.)