Let’s Play Doctor

“The software is so sophisticated that it corrects a surgeon’s shaking hand. The zoomed-in camera view takes some getting used to, but for working in a small area, it’s great.” Doctors are already using robots to perform surgeries from across the room. Performing those surgeries from across the world could become the new normal in a few years. And maybe it’s only a matter of time before the robots are performing some surgeries on their own. That could mean fewer errors, but many more legal and ethical questions. If nothing else, at least the bedside manner should improve. From Popular Mechanics: The Surgeon Will Skype You Now.

+ “In this setup, the autonomous driving software itself would be the vehicle’s legal ‘driver’; none of the human passengers would require a driving licence.” You can get rid of the steering wheel and brake pedals now. Google’s AI can take it from here.

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