Ken Florance “dropped out of school and, in between Grateful Dead concerts and acid trips, made a pilgrimage to the Oregon home of Ken Kesey.” In other words, he has the perfect resume to be the dude who is responsible for making sure that Netflix keeps the video streaming.

+ Will you finally be able to get HBO without paying for cable? It could be coming to a screen near you. (Though, compared to Netflix, it might be priced like Valyrian Steel.)

+ Putting lipstick on a gig: For just slightly more than the fee Netflix charges you to access shows, movies, and a lot of award-winning original content, you can subscribe to the new Sarah Palin Channel, and “go beyond the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically correct filter.” It’s worth keeping an eye on this effort. It’s backed by industry veterans and is part of a larger migration of content from TV to the Internet.