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How To Win the Lottery (and build a community)

Darius Kazemi with a tremendous parody of every tech conference presentation … ever.    

Holiday Reads

Each Friday, I include a few good weekend reads in NextDraft. Here’s a look at some of the best ones from 2013, along with a few oldies, and a few other lists that will keep your iPads and Kindles humming throughout the holidays. A blogger for a Chicago TV station made what, by Internet standards, […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Post Office

I was a weird kid. I’d write and painstakingly edit endless paragraphs in which I’d riff on current events and major news items. Then I’d take a floppy disk to my local copy store where I’d print out the pages and bind them with card stock covers, before heading to the post office to mail […]

The Answer is Just a Click Away

About twenty people walked into the room, sat down and slid their phones, iPads, and other devices towards the center of the table. It was the last session of the conference and the rules were simple. We would work our way around the table twice. On the first pass, each person was required to name […]

Get Off My Stoop

When news of the unthinkable comes, we all head for the front stoop. Today, that stoop is virtual, and the digital neighbors with whom we share the news of the moment communicate with us via tweets, status updates, and hastily-tapped texts. We whisper in ears, we shout towards rooftops, we tell each other what we […]

Screen Rage

At five years-old, it’s no fun getting interrupted while you’re focused on something. As a parent, I compensate for that by employing a series of intricately planned measures to guide my son from whatever he happens to be doing towards whatever it is that I want him to do instead. The extremity of these measures […]

They Know You're Reading This

I was recently complaining to a teller at my bank that the another bank down the street had given my 3 year-old daughter a stuffed horse for nothing more than walking past the front door. I jokingly asked her what gifts my own bank would be willing to offer to compete for the affections of […]

Kitties, Komen and The New Editor of Mainstream News

There’s a new editor in chief of mainstream news. You. About a year ago I was putting the final touches on an article for a major media outlet. I honed, I proof-read, I tweaked. My self-absorbed goal was to have to the most popular item on this big media site for at least a few […]

Something Disintegrates at a Burger King

The other day, while sitting in our car with the windows down, my wife and I had a heated argument. Bad words. Yelling. A fist or two slammed into our Volvo’s center console. Though we both received nominations, we never reached consensus on which one of us was wrong, and the whole thing blew over […]

I Made This on a Mac

I made this on a Mac. That statement is pretty common these days. But there was a time I would have never imagined creating something on a computer. Sure, I had some friends type up one of my essays or a college application on their parents’ Compaq computer, the glowing green letters clicking across a […]

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